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A Few Things About Artists

“A Few Things About Artists” is an hour-long documentary about visual artists in northwestern Pennsylvania that focuses on the artistic process. It premiered Feb. 1, 2018, on public broadcasting in Erie and is available online. I served as producer, director, videographer and editor. Funded in part by Erie Arts and Culture and Pennsylvania Partners for the Arts.

1000 (A Film About Erie)

“1000” is a 24-minute film about people striving for excellence in Erie, PA, an economically troubled Rust Belt city. The film is part documentary and part formal experiment: it is 24 minutes long with each minute standing for an hour in a hypothetical day. It was a collaboration with poet Abdullah Washington, who conducted the interviews while I handled videography and editing.

The Trouble With Poets

“The Trouble With Poets” is an hour-long broadcast documentary focusing on a community of performing poets in the Rust Belt city of Erie, PA. With riveting performances by Keith Moses, Monica Igras, Sean Thomas Dougherty and more. I served as producer, director, videographer and editor. Produced as a community service.

Grab Your Balls, We’re Going Bowling!

Just for fun, here’s a shorter piece, a music video featuring the BluesBeaters of Erie, PA, performing a song by Rockin’ Ray Miller, the polka king of Cleveland, Ohio. Filmed at Polish Falcons Nest 610 on Erie’s Lower East Side.

Bye, Bye

One more music video, this one by Memphis Mike & the Legendary Tremblers, shot at an abandoned house and decrepit RV somewhere in the country east of Pittsburgh, and at Dave Granati’s studio in Ambridge, PA.

Pick Up a Stone (Walking In Black History 2)

Two busloads of Erie middle- and high-school students encounter the legacy of the 1960s Civil Rights movement in Birmingham, Selma, Montgomery, Tuskegee and Atlanta. This was the 26th year of the annual program, conducted by the Quality of Life Learning Center in Erie, Gary Horton, executive director.