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The past few months have been busy, as I’ve scrambled to wrap up the first round of interviews and performances for Don’t Give Up Your Day Job (my documentary about the life experiences of working musicians) while taking on an increasing variety of projects for hire. Here are some recent examples.

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Just a short update to let you know I survived the epic Winter of 2013-14 up here in America’s snow capital, Erie, Pennsylvania. A few life events worthy of note.

• The FolkTube experiment at the Folk Alliance International conference (subject of my previous post) was a big success. About 25 artists and bands made videos during the three days I ran my pop-up video studio in room 1346 of the Westin Crown Center. I also shot a piano showcase in one of the main rooms with Kiki Ebsen, Marci Geller and the great Radoslav Lorkovic. I put together a YouTube playlist of the videos we did, and you can find it here.

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Here’s the story of “Duct Tape Messiah,” Kevin Triplett’s documentary about the late, great Blaze Foley. Tom Weber Films will be handling marketing and distribution for this great film while Kevin is employed in Saudi Arabia. Kevin and I have a lot in common: we made our documentaries over many years out of passion for our subjects, and we marketed them the old-fashioned way, by barnstorming, traveling from city to city showing our work in bars, coffeehouses, libraries and church basements..


I worked 12 years on my documentary about the obscure but legendary Texas songwriter Blaze Foley, who was affectionately called the “Duct Tape Messiah.”


12 years is a long time to work on anything and I gave up several times. It was my first film, so I had to learn how to make a film and how to tell a good story well. I made many mistakes, which is why I’m writing this story, as a warning to other first-time filmmakers: avoid what I did!

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