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I’m going to be taking this website down over the summer for an extensive overhaul. It really doesn’t reflect my interests as a filmmaker any more and its design is dreadfully out of fashion.

Meanwhile, I’ll be documenting another “Walking In Black History” bus tour of major Civil Rights sites in Alabama and Georgia and producing a different hour-long program for WQLN-TV, this time focused even more on the middle- and high-school students making the pilgrimage. I’ll also be following my Memphis musician friend Dan Montgomery and his band, with my old friend and Erie native Tom Arndt on bass, as they perform in New York City and Philadelphia. So I won’t be sitting in my back yard watching the grass grow!

When the site is back up sometime around Labor Day, I’ll be featuring rare footage “from the vault” and some experiments in live streaming from music venues in Erie and Pittsburgh. Troubadour Blues is going to be downsized to a single page, the older blogs will be archived, everything will be streamlined and simplified. Meanwhile, you can visit my digital portfolio to see everything I’ve done in the past 2-3 years.

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My last film, 1000, was a new experience for me in several ways. It was the first time I had ever worked with a collaborator, the message was targeted to a younger audience, and we decided to keep it short, one minute for every hour in a hypothetical day. I’m very happy with the way the film turned out; it seems to have universal qualities that speak to people in a variety of circumstances. Now I’m working on an hour-long documentary for WQLN about visual artists in our area.

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Hi friends — just a quick post to let everybody know I’m still alive. My friend Abddullah Washington (Bigg Wash) and I just released a 24-minute film,, with real people in our hometown talking about their pursuit of excellence. The film is a combination of documentary-style interviews with artistic visuals and creative performances.

The full film will be online shortly; right now, we’re having a series of live screenings at arts centers and neighborhood venues around town. This is by far the best looking film I’ve ever made and I’m extremely proud of it. Here are a couple of trailers to give you a sense of what to expect.

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