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Most demo reels are fast-paced collections of flashy images, cut to dramatic production music, with loads of special effects. In other words, eye candy. That’s not my style. Beautiful pictures are important, to be sure, but so is uniqueness of content. I specialize in finding people and events outside the media spotlight and documenting them with empathy and finesse. Here’s a 20-minute cross-section of recent work that I’m proud of.

You can decide for yourself how well I’m doing at reaching this goal. As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m de-emphasizing smaller video jobs (business profiles, song demos and audition videos) in the coming months to put more time into creating marketable, memorable long-form documentaries and concert videos.

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I’m taking a few weeks away from video work to organize my files, my house and my life, and start thinking about priorities for 2015. I’ve been spending a lot of time this past year chasing video jobs and coming up short, both in terms of making money and in terms of artistic satisfaction. My time on this planet being limited, I’ve decided to leave that overpopulated field to others and refocus on creating long-form programs about things I love, namely music and the performing arts. Meanwhile, here’s a short sampler of work I’ve done in the past couple of months.

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The past few months have been busy, as I’ve scrambled to wrap up the first round of interviews and performances for Don’t Give Up Your Day Job (my documentary about the life experiences of working musicians) while taking on an increasing variety of projects for hire. Here are some recent examples.

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