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Summers in Erie, PA, are like roller coaster rides. June is cool and rainy as the coaster creeps slowly toward the crest of the first hill. July 4 weekend, everything stands still for a moment. And we’re suddenly whizzing through hairpin turns, clickety-clack, up down and around. Before you know it, time for the big festivals, Roar on the Shore in mid-July and Celebrate Erie in mid-August. Then the kids go back to school right before Labor Day and everything takes on a pumpkin flavor. Summer’s over — where did it go?

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The Trouble With Poets, my film about the exciting grassroots poetry scene in my hometown of Erie, PA, will air this Thursday, May 21, at 8 p.m. on WQLN, TV-54, my local public broadcast station. For those outside the viewing area, you can watch the film on Vimeo.


Also, I’m having a retrospective screening of this and two other films Wednesday, June 10, at the Erie Movie House, a lovely little venue near Presque Isle run by a couple of film buffs. I like watching movies in the dark with a room full of people. It’s the closest that many of us can come to sitting around the campfire while the shaman tells stories. Please try to make it if you’re in the area!

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Most demo reels are fast-paced collections of flashy images, cut to dramatic production music, with loads of special effects. In other words, eye candy. That’s not my style. Beautiful pictures are important, to be sure, but so is uniqueness of content. I specialize in finding people and events outside the media spotlight and documenting them with empathy and finesse. Here’s a 20-minute cross-section of recent work that I’m proud of.

You can decide for yourself how well I’m doing at reaching this goal. As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m de-emphasizing smaller video jobs (business profiles, song demos and audition videos) in the coming months to put more time into creating marketable, memorable long-form documentaries and concert videos.

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