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An Eventful Summer

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A blog is like a garden, a beautiful thing as long it is properly tended, a disaster if you let it get out of hand. Mine is so overgrown with weeds that it’s hard to find the flowers. An update is in order.

Tabla For Two, recorded live in late August.

In May, I had both knees replaced.

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On a whim, I decided to sort my YouTube videos by views and construct my own “Top 20” list. There’s a lot of Peter Case, no surprise; he’s an artist I’ve been working closely with for many years. Peter’s Fellow Grammy nominee John Fullbright was just starting to get national media buzz when I recorded these clips five years ago in Virginia.

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In the obligatory nightclub scene of my imaginary film noir, there won’t be a swing band with a sultry singer, as in “Criss Cross,” Murder, My Sweet” or “The Maltese Falcon.” There will be a rock & roll band in a dive bar, and they’ll look and sound something like this.

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