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The Trouble With Poets, my hour-long broadcast documentary about a community of poets in my Rust Belt hometown, is now available on DVD, Although the focus is local, the poetry is universal, and the film has widespread appeal. You can order a copy here for $10 plus shipping.


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Unless you can get into a top program like NYU or USC, you’re making a big mistake racking up $60,000 of student loan debt to go to film school. Trust me on this.

Oh, it’s fun. You get to check out fancy equipment and get all your friends together and make a movie, sort of like those old Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland films where all the neighborhood kids get together and have a show.

An Eventful Summer

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A blog is like a garden, a beautiful thing as long it is properly tended, a disaster if you let it get out of hand. Mine is so overgrown with weeds that it’s hard to find the flowers. An update is in order.

Tabla For Two, recorded live in late August.

In May, I had both knees replaced.

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