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Troubadour Blues received two great reviews (with some video excerpts) on the Americana music website, No Depression. Read Easy Ed’s review here. A review by Terry Roland can be found here.

While you’re at it, look around the site. It is a great community of musicians, writers, and music-loving folks of all kinds, and it has some videos that you can’t see anywhere else.

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Troubadour Blues Press Kit and Screenings

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In the short time since Troubadour Blues had its World Premiere at the Buffalo International Film Festival, the documentary has been getting some great press from newspapers and bloggers alike. I’ve put together a press kit in PDF form, which you can download here. It’s small enough to e-mail, so please send it on to your friends or anybody who you think could help promote the film.

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How do YOU define success in the movie business?

I just finished reading an L.A. Times article about some new Hollywood releases and how much they are predicted to take in at the box office. Now, this is not Oscar material, mind you, more like the end-of-summer purging of movies that will end up on home video sooner rather than later.

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