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Long Time Gone (But Now I’m Back)

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Hard to believe I haven’t updated this blog in almost nine months. So, here goes, a highly condensed update of what I’ve been up to since the premiere of “1000.”

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1000: The Complete Film

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Here is the complete 24-minute film “1000,” by Abdullah Washington (the poet Bigg Wash) and me. Please watch this and share with your friends. (LOOKS BEST IN FULL SCREEN – click the “four corners” button at lower right)

We’ve shown this film to community groups throughout Erie, but welcome additional screenings. We can provide projector and screen if needed.

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My last film, 1000, was a new experience for me in several ways. It was the first time I had ever worked with a collaborator, the message was targeted to a younger audience, and we decided to keep it short, one minute for every hour in a hypothetical day. I’m very happy with the way the film turned out; it seems to have universal qualities that speak to people in a variety of circumstances. Now I’m working on an hour-long documentary for WQLN about visual artists in our area.

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