Hard to believe I haven’t updated this blog in almost nine months. So, here goes, a highly condensed update of what I’ve been up to since the premiere of “1000.”

I’m back to teaching full-time, and then some. At Edinboro University, I’m teaching two sections of Film 1, an entry-level camera/editing class, and a combined section of Film 3 & 4, the third- and fourth-year filmmaking classes. Those are studio classes, five classroom hours per week each. Then I’m teaching a documentary class at Mercyhurst University one night a week.

Getting to Edinboro has sometimes presented a challenge in this snowiest of winters, but the mud season is upon us and soon it will be spring. I like the students at both schools, different as they might be, and I’ve applied for a long-term position teaching film at Edinboro starting in fall.

Meanwhile, on the filmmaking front, I released two films in early February.

Walking In Black History follows Erie NAACP president Gary Horton and a busload of teens and adults through the landmarks of the American Civil Rights movement: Selma, Montgomery, Birmingham, Tuskegee, Atlanta and Washington, DC. The trip was first organized by Rev. Herlies Murphy in 1992 and led by Gary each and every year since then. The film was broadcast by WQLN-TV in Erie and can now be viewed here.

A Few Things About Artists visits some of the Erie area’s most interesting visual artists where they live and work. It features Susan Kemenyffy, Tom Ferraro, Jeff Kuntz, Shelle Barron, Karen Dodson, Suzanne Proulx, John Bavaro, Evan Everhart, Kris Risto and others. The film was also broadcast on WQLN-TV in Erie and can be seen here.

I’m pretty busy with school right now. In the summer months, I plan to make some progress on Don’t Give Up Your Day Job, my ongoing project about working musicians, for which I have collected probably 300 hours of footage by now. Then it’s either back to school in fall if I’m hired, or back to the drawing board if I’m not. Probably spend more time in my music studio and trying to produce some more concert videos.

That’s all the news that fits. Be seeing you!