At the beginning of this year, I sat down and wrote out a timeline for myself, with all the deadlines for all the projects I knew about at the time. I’m just going to copy and paste it into this post and make a few editorial modifications. Sort of a public notice to myself that I have a lot of catching up to do after my three hospitalizations in 2016. With luck and perseverance I will wrap up Don’t Give Up Your Day Job (begun in 2009) and complete three other films this year.

But first, check out the short film I made with Edinboro art professor and Erie mayoral candidate Lisa Austin. Focusing on the McBride Viaduct on the city’s east side, the film shows how Erie is cut in two by railroad tracks and sewn back together by street-level crossings, over- and underpasses. It makes the point that urban circulation by foot and bike is just as important as traffic flow of cars and trucks.

As I write this, I’m a few days away from finishing a rough cut of “1000,” the documentary-slash-art-film I’m making with my friend, the poet Bigg Wash. We previously made a spoken-word CD Infinity Gems. This is a 24-minute film, with every minute standing for an hour in a hypothetical day. Time, the passage of time, and how we make use of our time are important themes. The film features many hard-working Erie folks who don’t conform to the media narrative of sad white ethnic factory workers who voted for Trump. These are dreamers still dreaming the American Dream, that good ideas and hard work pay off in the end.

Nuff said. Here is the promised timetable for my work this year. I also maintain a PRODUCTION CALENDAR for Tom Weber Films on Google Calendars.

March 5 — Battle Trance quartet recording at City of Asylum, Pittsburgh.

March 10 — Rough cut of 1000 completed. Copy to Doc Proto for scoring.

March 17 — Deadline for 24-min version of 1000 with score. Begin final mix and mastering.

March 28 — Keynote address and songs by Kelly Armor, Museum Week at Erie Art Museum. Video and sound recording.

March 30 — 1000 picture and sound lock, begin final mix and mastering. Select 30 minutes of extras for broadcast version.

April 4 — 1000 final deadline, 24-minute festival version and 57-min broadcast version. Deliver broadcast master to WQLN for close-captioning (April/May Airdate).

April 8 — Premiere screening of 1000 for cast/crew, place TBD. Film is available online after this date.

April – May — Intensive work on Visual Artists Documentary

May 15 — Visual Artists Documentary picture lock, turn over to Joe Popp for scoring.

June 1 — Begin final mix and mastering of Visual Artists Documentary. Turn over to WQLN for close-captioning when complete.

June 17-24 — Walking In Black History bus trip with 40 children, many refugees from AFrican countries, visiting important landmarks of the Civil Rights movement and the African American Smithsonian. To be edited

June 30 — Erie Arts and Culture grant deadline for Visual Artists documentary.

August 1 — Walking In Black History scene assembly done

September 1 — Walking In Black History 60 min cut for broadcast

Sept – Dec — Intensive editing and complete Don’t Give Up Your Day Job.