The Trouble With Poets, my hour-long broadcast documentary about a community of poets in my Rust Belt hometown, is now available on DVD, Although the focus is local, the poetry is universal, and the film has widespread appeal. You can order a copy here for $10 plus shipping.


I knew as soon as I walked through the door of Poets’ Hall, the performance space pictured on the front cover, that there was a story that needed to be told. The room itself had a vibe like a community center from the Sixties, and the regulars were a diverse group of unforgettable characters. I became a regular myself, and recorded performances and interviews with many of the people I encountered.

I spent about nine months in production. The documentary seemed to film and edit itself, and the final result premiered on WQLN-TV, my local public broadcasting station. Here’s a trailer, in case you want to see a sample of “magic moments” from the movie.

I don’t get a lot of commissioned work, and I try to cover my costs by selling home videos. I hope you’ll support truly independent filmmaking by buying a copy or two. Thanks for your time!