On a whim, I decided to sort my YouTube videos by views and construct my own “Top 20” list. There’s a lot of Peter Case, no surprise; he’s an artist I’ve been working closely with for many years. Peter’s Fellow Grammy nominee John Fullbright was just starting to get national media buzz when I recorded these clips five years ago in Virginia.

To save you from extended scrolling, I’m posting links rather than embedded videos. Some highlights: Greg Garing’s awesome three-song solo set is definitely worth a listen — his unique voice always gives me chills and his guitar playing is brilliant. Check out #20 Chuck Hawthorne, one of the finest Texas singer-songwriters, little known outside the Lone Star State. The panel presentation by legendary producer Sandy Perelman is required viewing if you’re in the music business.

1. Peter Case, “Two Angels” (2009) live at Fur Peace Ranch, Pomeroy, OH, 40,881 views

2. John Fullbright, “Jericho” (2011) live at Ashland Coffee & Tea, Ashland, VA, 40,239 views

3. John Fullbright, “I Only Pray At Night” (2011), Ashland C&T, 34,444 views

4. John Fullbright, “Song For A Child” (2011), Ashland C&T, 15,299 views

5. John Fullbright “Fat Man” (2011), Ashland C&T, 8,561 views

6. Peter Case Band Featuring Eddie Muñoz, “A Million Miles Away” (2012), live at Gullifty’s, Harrisburg, PA., 7,551 views.

7. Peter Case Band Featuring Eddie Muñoz, “The Oldest Story In The World” (2012), Gullifty’s, 7,171 views.

8. Peter Case, “Icewater” (2009), Fur Peace Ranch, 7,077 views.

9. Greg Garing Solo Set (2006), Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN, 5,272 views.

10. Peter Case, “Beulah Land” (2009), Fur Peace Ranch, 5,132 views.

11. Loose Change Band, “Give Me Some” (2013), music video, 3,332 views.

12. Peter Case Band Featuring Eddie Muñoz, “Now” (2012), Gullifty’s, 2,829 views.

13. Norman Nardini, “Nothing To Lose” (2013), live at Frankie’s Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, PA, 2,796 views

14. Peter Case, “A Little Wind (Could Blow Me Away)” (2002), live at Ashland Coffee & Tea, Ashland, VA, 2,724 views.

15. Peter Case with Mark Winsick, Jim Whitford and Rob Lynch, “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” (2014), live at Larkin Square, Buffalo, NY, 2,635 plays.

16. Peter Case “New Old Blue Car” (2010), live at NPR’s Mountain Stage, Morgantown, WV, 2,339 views.

17. Sandy Perlman Explains It All. Panel presentation by legendary producer of Blue Oyster Cult, the Clash, etc. (2013), Arlington, VA, 2,226 views.

18. Peter Case, “New Old Blue Car” (2010), live at McCabe’s Guitar Shop, Santa Monica CA, 2,020 views.

19. Trailer for “Troubadour Blues” documentary (2011), 1,976 views.

20. Chuck Hawthorne, “Welding Son Of A Gun” (2014), recorded live at Folk Alliance, Kansas City, MO, 1,670 views.

So there you have it. I encourage you to look around for other clips on my two YouTube channels.

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