“So Long, Goodbye” — A Tribute to Tommy Osh

Recorded Live June 14, 2014, at the Rex Theater, Southside, Pittsburgh, PA. Featuring The Ultimatics, Torn & Frayed, Norman Nardini, the Bessemers, Trash Vegas, Motorpsychos, Dirty Charms, the Cheats and more!

On Saturday, June 14, 2014, ten great Pittsburgh rock & roll bands got together to throw a benefit for the late Tommy Osh, bassist and singer for the Ultimatics and many other bands, who was killed in a car crash in February. It was a night to remember, and we captured it on video for an unforgettable DVD. Copies are $10.00 each plus $2.99 shipping anywhere in the USA. To order, click the button below or send an e-mail to tommyoshDVD@yahoo.com.