Tom Weber Films

documentary • concert video • live streaming

I’m a filmmaker and musician living in Erie, Pennsylvania, my hometown. It’s a beautiful place, close to several bigger cities, though the winters are not for the faint-hearted.

I have a lifelong passion for music that has resulted in several full-length films. Troubadour Blues (2011) is a journey to the heart of American music, seen through the eyes of a dozen touring singer-songwriters. Over the Pavement (2015) documents a three-day festival of improvisational and experimental music held in Detroit. Don’t Give Up Your Day Job (in post-production) documents the common experiences of working musicians of all ages and genres through more than 100 interviews and performances.

Meanwhile, I produce hour-long programs for WQLN, our local public television station. These include Pick Up A Stone (2019) and Walking In Black History (2018), in which we accompany teenaged students on a bus tour of Civil Rights landmarks in the deep South; A Few Things About Artists (2017), in which local artists discuss their works and creative process; and The Trouble With Poets (2016), which documents a community of performing poets in Erie. I also made 1000, a documentary/performance film, in collaboration with the poet and activist Bigg Wash.

I love the challenges of long-form storytelling, but I can also see the writing on the wall. It’s asking a lot to demand 90 minutes of ANYONE’s undivided attention. Lately I’ve been getting excited about video streaming, a technology that has the immediate impact of live radio or TV, but can be viewed on your mobile device. I’ve begun to roll out some exciting new content and services based on livestreaming technology.

I started out as a newspaper reporter right out of high school, but was entranced by film/video during my senior year of college and decided that I wanted to become a documentary filmmaker. I finally achieved that goal four decades later with Troubadour Blues. In the meantime I worked as a print and broadcast journalist, hosted a talk show, taught journalism and media studies at several colleges, and played for 20 years in a great rock & roll band, The Dogs. I currently play guitar and keyboards in several different bands and travel many miles in pursuit of music.