I’m going to be taking this website down over the summer for an extensive overhaul. It really doesn’t reflect my interests as a filmmaker any more and its design is dreadfully out of fashion.

Meanwhile, I’ll be documenting another “Walking In Black History” bus tour of major Civil Rights sites in Alabama and Georgia and producing a different hour-long program for WQLN-TV, this time focused even more on the middle- and high-school students making the pilgrimage. I’ll also be following my Memphis musician friend Dan Montgomery and his band, with my old friend and Erie native Tom Arndt on bass, as they perform in New York City and Philadelphia. So I won’t be sitting in my back yard watching the grass grow!

When the site is back up sometime around Labor Day, I’ll be featuring rare footage “from the vault” and some experiments in live streaming from music venues in Erie and Pittsburgh. Troubadour Blues is going to be downsized to a single page, the older blogs will be archived, everything will be streamlined and simplified. Meanwhile, you can visit my digital portfolio to see everything I’ve done in the past 2-3 years.

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Hard to believe I haven’t updated this blog in almost nine months. So, here goes, a highly condensed update of what I’ve been up to since the premiere of “1000.”

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1000: The Complete Film

In: Filmmaking

Here is the complete 24-minute film “1000,” by Abdullah Washington (the poet Bigg Wash) and me. Please watch this and share with your friends. (LOOKS BEST IN FULL SCREEN – click the “four corners” button at lower right)

We’ve shown this film to community groups throughout Erie, but welcome additional screenings. We can provide projector and screen if needed.

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The links are all still good.

John Eger, who teaches communication and public policy at San Diego State University, has posted a fantastic article about advanced technology and the survival of many cities. He’s one of a number of experts who agrees that the world is turning into a collection of powerful city/states in a global economy where nobody is in charge. Excellent reading.

Veteran indie producer Ted Hope, whose credits include 21 Grams by Oscar-winning director Alejandro González Iñárritu, talks about Five Crucial Things We Want From Movies. Short, sweet, and definitely to the point.

Ted has gone back to producing after stints with the Fandor movie streaming service and the San Francisco Film Society. Here’s his master list of distribution case studies, a useful resource for those of us looking for ways to get our films in front of wider audiences.



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