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I spent the snowy first weekend in February at a gallery and performance space called Trinosophes, in the Eastern Market area of Detroit, recording video and audio of a unique festival of experimental and improvisational music, Over The Pavement. I’m working on a full-length DVD of festival highlights, but meanwhile, here are a few preview clips.

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“So Long, Goodbye” — A Tribute to Tommy Osh

Recorded Live June 14, 2014, at the Rex Theater, Southside, Pittsburgh, PA. Featuring The Ultimatics, Torn & Frayed, Norman Nardini, the Bessemers, Trash Vegas, Motorpsychos, Dirty Charms, the Cheats and more!

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About two years ago, Irish-born singer-songwriter Mark Dignam — a father of two who lives in Pittsburgh — took his band, the House of Song, into Treelady Recording Studios together with a live audience primed to sing along. The result was Mark’s latest CD, “Re-Build,” which has gained critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic.

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I recently posted my own two cents worth about Net Neutrality and the Small Indie Filmmaker. I’ve been following the issue and I’m surprised at the number of simplistic and misleading opinion pieces I’ve seen on the subject. Here are some good ones.

One huge obstacle to an open internet is the fact that cable operators in most parts of the country are local monopolies with no competition. Wired magazine says local governments and utility companies bear some of the blame for this. Here’s the article.

“Reclassification” of the Internet as a public utility, subject to the same kind of regulation as local phone companies, is the most promising way to keep the Internet competitive. Here’s an article explaining so-called Title II Reclassification in understandable terms.

Yeshiva University law professor Susan Crawford is one of the foremost experts in this field. Here is Crawford’s view of what it takes for communities to build their own broadband networks, open to all carriers.

Community Broadband Networks is an entire site devoted to the idea that the United States could catch up with Sweden, Japan and other countries where broadband service is fast and cheap.

Meanwhile, Tim Wu, the academic who invented the term “net neutrality”, is running for office on a platform heavy on ideas about technology and freedom. Here’s a story about his campaign, which is being crowdfunded.



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